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Yerba Mate saborizada, una evolución de la clásica Yerba Mate

El Mate es una de las infusiones más característica de países del Cono Sur, como Argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay; aunque también se consume en algunas regiones de Bolivia, Chile, Brasil e incluso en países alejados de esta región como Siria, el Libano y Estados Unidos.

Exportando sabor, color y experiencias desde Argentina hacia toda Latinoamérica

La historia de la empresa comienza el 15 de junio de 1927 cuando Ambrosio Saporiti funda la empresa. Al principio empezó siendo representante local de empresas europeas, pero en 1950 comenzó a producir localmente

Panetón con masa madre todo el año

Nacido para ser el protagonista de la mesa dulce navideña, su consumo en América Latina está creciendo para todo tipo de ocasiones, con el desafío que implica para los desarrolladores resaltar sus aromas y sabores originales con ingredientes más saludables.

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Saporiti Group was awarded with BIS Award by "Editora Insumos" of Additive Ingredients magazine.

This event took place on March 10th in Sao Paulo in Expo Sao Paulo.

Saporiti Group won the award in the following categories:

  • 1st Place: Preservatives
  • 2nd Place: Beverage flavors and artificial colours
  • 3rd Place: Thickeners and Gelling Agents


Saporiti Group was awarded with BIS Award of "Editora Insumos" of Additive Ingredients magazine

CONACO Award 2017 for Saporiti Del Perú

On 11th December 2017, Saporiti Del Perú was awarded "PREMIO CONACO 2017" with the Leadership and Good Business Management as one of the most distinguished companies in the country. At the same time, CONARCO Boards of Directors selected Saporiti Del Perú as a successful case and our story will be published in LA CONFEDERACIÓN magazine.

CONACO is a leader business organization, 72 years into the labor market aiming to promote business development in national and international levels by recognizing and promoting business and management leader's development in Perú and abroad. Gathering leader companies from different states and countries in its national and international events, as well as from different market sectors with higher presence at national level, reaching more than 10.000 associated companies around Peru in 2017. Acknowledging the better management practices and the most distinguished and innovative services to generate marketing relations among its members and associates.


Building communication bridges in the research community among scientists, academics, future professionals and food market by promoting ideas and experiences in a distinct and stimulating atmosphere encouraging creativity and innovation.

Innovative Ideas and Experiences

Food and Prosperity (F&P) is an initiative Saporiti Group had to promote the development of communication in order to link the research community with food producers; that is a bridge between the science and the business sector.

This initiative conducted us to promote events that bring together scientists, food technology students and members of the food industry aiming to establish a professional and human contact permitting us to continue create value.

This contact that gathers such different fields, promotes innovation and new possibilities Saporiti Group intends to be the leader for common purpose. We define our strategy creating value through connection with problems, investigation and solutions as well as advanced technology and market opportunities. (F&P) is a step ahead in a long way, though we feel it is a successful step in the right direction.

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